littlegirl_l0st (littlegirl_l0st) wrote in cherry_graphics,

Hello!  This is my first post; actually I did an LJ interest search specifically to find help about this:

I am trying to create a logo for a webpage.  I have a picture of wood grain, and a font that I really like.  What I am trying to do is create the wording, but filled in with the design from the picture of the wood grain.  Then, I want a transparent background, so that when I upload the image to my website, I'll have wood grain colored letters with a transparent background.

I just downloaded both PSP9 and the Gimp for the first time, and don't know how to use either of them.  I've tried poking around and playing with different tools to get a basic idea of what they do, but that's all I know.  I would love for someone to explain this to me in really simple laymens terms (PSP9 for Dummies!).  If you are willing to help and have either Yahoo IM or AIM, that would be perfect.  Please let me know ASAP; I've been working on this logo for a friend of mine for days and they have been asking about it.

Thanks so much!

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