rachael (uand_icollide) wrote in cherry_graphics,


i have a bunch of files for brushes and when import them onto jpsp8 its says the file is not suppoted 
can someone tell me when i could find brushes that are sutiable for psp8 
pleaseeee and thanks you 

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May 8 2008, 15:39:02 UTC 8 years ago

MOST brushes that you will find are made for photoshop. If you want to use photoshop brushes, download ABRviewer.net at http://sourceforge.net/project/showfiles.php?group_id=143912

After you have installed it, unzip your photoshop brushes then open your abrviewer and click on select folder. Then choose the folder where you unzipped your brushes. Then they will show up in the top window, double click on the one(s) you want to look at it. The name will show up in the bottom window and the brushes will show up on the right. After you have opened the ones you want go to export/thumbnails and choose where you want them to be sent to. That will change them to .png's.

If you want to keep it black or white then you dont need to turn them into brushes but if you want to change the color you need to make sure the size is 500x500 or lower and go to file/export/custom brush. name it, click ok and it should be a brush now that shows up in the brush drop down menu.