Melanie (pinkaliciousy) wrote in cherry_graphics,

Hi! I know I just posted, but I'm not sure where else to ask.
I'm having a problem in PSP7 because I'm not sure how to copy parts of one picture to another picture. I think it should be really simple but I've tried everything. Thanks.
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well there's two ways of doing it that I can think of, one is using the magic wand, and try doing that, if it only gets part of it, either increase the tolerance or use the lasso tool which looks like a yellow lasso, obviously :D
then just go over it by hand

and is this community dead? I think it is.


May 8 2008, 15:43:32 UTC 9 years ago

Choose the selection tool on the toolbar (the dotted rectangle) and select the part of the picture you want on the other picture. Go to edit/copy, then go to your other picture and edit/paste as new layer.